Global Inspiration Conference

9-16 August 2020

Rättvik, Sweden

COVID-19 up-date


We know these are unprecedented times for everyone

around the world. The ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus

is affecting everyone worldwide. In the light of everything that is happening, we have made some changes leading up

to the Global Inspiration Conference in August,

both in terms of extending  our cancellation policy

and Early Bird date for another two months to 1 June.

We are very hopeful and believe that we will be able to follow through with the GIC 2020 as planned. We continue to keep up-to-date with the latest news from national and international health authorities and will follow their recommendations closely. In Sweden, the peak of the outbreak is expected to pass within 1-2 months, maybe earlier, but of course we don’t know what will happen in Sweden and worldwide. What we do know now is that we will continue with our preparations with GIC 2020 full steam ahead. We are now in the middle of March and the conference is scheduled to take place in five months. At the end of May, we will re-evaluate the situation and be ready to make whatever informed decisions are necessary then.

For now, we are extending our Early Bird II price to 1 June. We are also extending our cancellation policy another two months, to 1 June. This will give all of us the time to observe the progression in the world. For cancellations made before 1 June 2020, the conference fee and accommodation cost will be refunded in full, minus a 2000 SEK per participant administration fee. For all cancellations made after 1 June 2020, the conference fee and accommodation cost will not be refunded. Bookings that are cancelled after 1 June 2020 are transferable to another GIC 2020 participant.

More information about the GIC 2020 will come shortly, both via newsletters and on our Facebook page “GIC 2020” and here. We continue to update our website and post new information about what will happen at the conference. We, of course, hope to see you there! In the meantime, let’s have faith and we hope that you and everyone you connect with stay safe and uplifted!


With loving blessings, The GIC 2020 organizers

GIC 2020
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For the last 25 years, since we started the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF), this network and community has been such an important inspiration in my life, socially as well as professionally.

Bo Wahlström, GIC 2020 Organizer

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